Capt. David Rowsey, Fishing Baffin Bay,
Upper Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi, and Rockport.
Let me guide you to the best speckled trout and redfish in the Coastal Bend!


  David Rowsey has been fishing all of his life, cutting his teeth on freshwater bass fishing in the bayous of Louisiana and the clear water rivers of the Texas Hill Country. First learning to use a baitcaster reel at 8 years old, fishing with plugs and plastic became an early passion that has never wavered. David got his first taste of saltwater in 1988, and dove into it with the voracity of a large trout exploding on a topwater. Utilizing baitcasters and plugs since he was a barefooted kid, the stage was set for more of the same on the Texas Coastal Bays. Live or dead bait fishing is a foreign concept to the captain, and he has spent countless hours, days, nights, and dollars, in pursuit of perfecting his beloved sport with the hardware. This endless pursuit eventually brought David much recognition from his peers, but he knows that there is so much more to be learned, and he constantly strives harder to raise the bar even higher.
His first love is playing catch and release with large speckled trout in the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay, but his animal-like curiosity has forced him to learn many bay systems over the years, especially those between San Antonio Bay and Baffin Bay. Regardless of how well he knows other bodies of water, the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay are considered home, and where the vast majority of David’s time is spent.
Over the years, David has kept journals and records of nearly every trip on the water. This information has proven to be extremely valuable over the years, as speckled trout tend to be on reoccurring patterns and grow somewhat predictable on there locales, year after year. Knowing these patterns is what sets David apart from many others in the sport, and is why in 2002 he personally landed 63 trout greater than 7 pounds, all on artificial lures, and ALL RELEASED.

David’s passion for the health of the bay and fishery is only matched by a handful of recreational fisherman and a few other long time guides. Over the last ten years, after watching countless days of “meat hauls” being conducted by others, David decided to do his part in bringing back “fishing” into the sport vs. the glory photos of ice chests filled with dead trout. To the surprise of many, including himself, David took the time and made the effort to become a United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine, i.e., licensed captain.  
Being a huge proponent of catch and release, David realizes that his “fish for the moment vs. fish for the kill” attitude may not be a popular stance among the biggest part of the guiding community, but he feels strongly that a new message has to be conveyed, one that promotes being a great steward of the bay, as well as teaching others the importance of being responsible fishermen and women. The best part of all is that it can still be done with a bent rod and many trout on the other end of the line.
The Captain is savvy enough to know that not even the best of the best guides can guarantee that the fish will bite everyday; however, if your quest is deeper than just catching, he will guarantee that you will come away with a better understanding of reading the water, lure presentation,
and how to decipher the not so obvious signs that are critical in
improving your odds at catching the monster trout that lurk in all
of our dreams.
David, first and foremost, fishes for his passion of the sport; however, his competitive spirit has also led him into numerous saltwater tournaments, where the best of the best anglers compete for top honors along the Texas coast. Although no longer pursuing tournaments actively, some previous and notable finishes are as follows:
2000 Baffin Bash CHAMPION
2000 Troutmasters Classic, 2nd place
2001 Baffin Bash, 3rd place
2001 Troutmasters (Rockport), CHAMPION
2002 Baffin Bash CHAMPION
2002 Troutmasters (Open Coast Shootout), 4th
2002 Poco Bueno Inshore – Redfish CHAMPION
2003 Port O' Connor Bash, CHAMPION
2003 Baffin Bash, 3rd place
2006 Baffin Bash, 5th place
2007 Port O' Connor Bash, CHAMPION
2007 Troutmasters (Baffin) CHAMPION
2007 Troutmasters ANGLER OF THE YEAR
2008 Big Brothers and Sisters Tournament CHAMPION
2008 Rockport Bash 3rd
2008 Texas Trout Series 2nd
2010 Baffin Bay Rodeo 2nd
2010 Mr. Big Trout CHAMPION
2011 Roadhand's Tourney CHAMPION
2011 Baffin Bash CHAMPION
2011 Baffin Bash II 3rd
2011 Mr. Big Trout CHAMPION
2011 Babes on Baffin (Guide) CHAMPION
2012 SCB Baffin Cup CHAMPION
2012 Mr. Big Trout CHAMPION
Honorable Mention from the Guide's Guide,
Jay Watkins.

"In 2003 the duo of Watkins and Webb hit the tournament trail together for the first time. The first stop on the circuit was Port O'Connor, Texas. Great weather conditions for the first time in Bash history made for excellent fishing. The winning team of Rowsey and Holley won in impressive fashion
with a two day total of 8 trout weighing in at 50 pounds. Jay said that those guys have
to be two of the best big trout fishermen in the state. Both Rowsey and Holley
hold Troutmaster titles as well."

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